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Skills + Services

*P. Diddy voice* We're known for putting that work in.
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There’s nothing we find more exhilarating than partnering with businesses to assist them in establishing their brands. Not only will we help set up a rock-solid foundation, but the resources that we offer will push companies to go beyond their potential. At the Collective, we make it our mission to develop every single aspect of a brand. No matter the scope of your company, our services can be custom tailored to efficiently construct and maintain a powerful a brand image.

Branding + Identity

A brand can have the most amazing product/service and still fail if they do not have a resonating brand strategy that supports it! In this competitive age, each business must develop a unique identity. We help our clients do this through strategic positioning, and consistent messaging across all channels. We’ll create a representative and memorable logo and from there determine colors, fonts, graphics etc. that will consistently tell the story of your company to your consumers.

Brand Messaging

We know that all of our clients are experts in their fields. Often times though, customers simply are not. Clients may end up using industry terms in messaging that their customers cannot understand. This is where we come in and help. The who, what, where, when, why, and how will be put into easy-to-understand terms. We will also create original content that meshes with your brand identity in order to appeal to your target market.

Public Relations + Media Outreach

Our vast network of traditional, digital, and niche market media outlets allows us to amplify the effects of your marketing efforts. We will help you reach your consumers where they already are by using relevant messages and mediums. Our gathering of consumer insights will make dissemination a smooth, hassle-free process.


In partnership with 5/19, our clients have been seen in:

Web Design + Development

Some people build web pages, we build online experiences. We will help you construct/maintain anything from a small web brochure to a full blown website that you will be proud to use to represent your business.

Content Marketing

Never underestimate the value of content! Custom content can lead to anything from a foot in the door, attracting more clients, to a flourishing online community. After we examine your target market and business goals, we will create and distribute a range of content that will keep your business looking fresh and up to date. We’ll also measure its effectiveness so that you will be able to determine best practices!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A business cannot succeed if it is not seen. Here at 5/19 we will work tirelessly to make sure that our implementation of organic search engine marketing will lead to more online traffic driven to your business. We’ll determine which keywords will connect the most with your target audience so that you’ll show up on their radar.

Social Media Marketing

We know the importance of social media in today’s world, but we also know that many companies are not using these platforms to their full potential. We will work with you to create an engaging experience around your brand by creating messages that your consumers can identify with. Connecting with consumers online takes strategic planning and execution which 5/19 is more than familiar with.

Photography + Digital Media

If you’re not going visual, you’re simply not as visible. In today’s world, superb photography and appealing video are one of the most effective ways to captivate the attention of an audience. Let us use our years of visual media experience to capture the essence of what your brand has to offer in a way that solidifies the connection between you and your target market.

Project Management

No business has the time for excessive expenses and a lackadaisical planning. Here at 5/19 we understand the need for projects to be managed with deadlines and reasonable costs being held at a priority. Let us show you why our hands-on approach to working with clients is the key that will unlock the power for you to handle even the most formidable endeavors.

Art Direction

Art direction is more than a title, it’s a discipline. Let us work with your company to bring ideas to life using our vast knowledge of project management and our inventive spirit. The power of a breathtaking finished product is in the details, and here at 5/19 we bring everything together to make an amazing lasting impression.

Print + Digital Design

Consumers want proof that your brand is as powerful as it may appear. 5/19 has you covered when it comes to presenting websites, brochures, letterheads, and business cards that can promote and solidify the marketing of your business.

Brand Management

In order for your brand to make the proper mark on the desired market, analytics, and research needs to be conducted and the implications must be put to sensible use. Let us take care of the nitty gritty and we’ll work with you to make sure that your brand has a unique and genuine voice.


If you’re not even sure where to begin, leave that up to us. 5/19 has the ability to offer insight and strategies to revamp, maintain, and/or establish a brand. Since we know what makes brand successful, we’ll do the dirty work so that you won’t have to. In the end you’ll have enough information from us to have your brand operating at full productivity.

We Exist To Establish

We don’t ride trends; we create the timeless. We don’t do loud; we build laid back luxury. In order to accomplish this successfully, we take the time to learn each and every one of our clients’ business independently. Our individualized approach allows us to help you foresee and/or maneuver through pitfalls as well as create effective strategies to increase brand awareness and subsequently increase marketshare.

Ready to watch us put in work? Request a consultation!